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What To Wear to Your Divorce Party

  Rock Your New Beginning: What To Wear to Your Divorce Party Here's a secret no one really talks about: Not all divorces are sad. Have you ever wondered why...


Rock Your New Beginning: What To Wear to Your Divorce Party

Here's a secret no one really talks about: Not all divorces are sad. Have you ever wondered why most cultures view marriages as universal signs of success in life and divorces as failures? The answer starts with "p" and ends with "-atriarchy."

According to the latest stats, women initiate 70% of divorces. Leaving an unfulfilling marriage requires massive courage, and more and more women are celebrating this important life milestone with a divorce party.

After divorce, plenty of women experience a newfound sense of freedom and self-worth that eclipses their sadness. For proof, just look at the famous photo of Nicole Kidman finalizing her divorce from Tom Cruise — and the iconic woman who recreated the look at her divorce party. Choosing what to wear to your divorce party is the first step to shining bright in your new life, one where the only person you have to answer to is yourself.

5 Tips for Choosing What To Wear to Your Divorce Party

Picking out an outfit to celebrate your divorce can be daunting, whether your party is all-friends or includes some family members as well. Harness the inherent boss mindset of throwing a divorce party to reinvent your personal style philosophy. Here are five tips to consider when selecting the perfect fashion-forward outfit for a divorce party.

Consider the Venue

The beauty of a divorce party is that it can be whatever you want it to be because you're in charge. Your party could look like a backyard barbecue, cocktail hour at the trendiest bar in town, or anything in between. The venue for your celebration should be the place that makes you happiest, so look there first when considering what to wear.

A divorce party is the perfect occasion to take tons of pictures. Pictures both commemorate the occasion and set your newfound confidence in stone for the world to see. Consider how your outfit will photograph against the venue's backdrop, lighting conditions, color scheme and design scheme.

A garden or backyard setting offers the chance to go in multiple different style directions, from a fashion-forward take on stylized overalls to a stunning oversized contrast denim dress. Bold accents like the strip of white down the center of this dress can subtly hint at the fresh new direction your life is headed in.

For a dressier venue, don't limit yourself to a basic bodycon cocktail dress. There's probably going to be so much cake. More importantly, this is your moment to go all-out and wear the ensemble of your most individualistic and deeply personal dreams. That could look like over-the-top elegance in ruffles and furs, a cozy knitwear explosion or a punk jumpsuit with tons of eye-catching metallic accents.

Leave Your Wedding Dress at Home

When divorce parties first began trending in the mid-2010s, a sliced-up wedding dress was the standout choice of attire. Mussing up the iconic white dress with spray paint, scissors and literal fire was the name of the game. Sometimes, sliced-up bridesmaids' dresses even made an appearance. While we definitely applaud the sentiment, a decade later, these divorce party outfits can read as slightly dated.

Look forward fashion-wise rather than backward when choosing what to wear to your divorce party. Your wedding dress doesn't need a fresh coat of paint or a slashed hem. Depending on the dress, you could take a mini-vacay with the resale value alone. If you want to evoke subversive wedding-inspired style, picking accents of lace, tulle or beading can bring the same edge without digging around in your past.

Get Creative With a Theme

Divorce parties, like any other party, can work brilliantly around a fun theme. A few common, positive and modern themes for a divorce party include:

  • A celebration of singledom: Sing pop diva anthems and wear high heels and sequin dresses 
  • Lemons into lemonade: Opt for citrus-filled treats and bright pops of color
  • New journeys: Evoke a dream solo vacation or wherever your new life may take you geographically

You certainly don't need a central theme to have an epic and stylish divorce party. All you need are your closest friends and a brand-new, winning attitude. For extra guidance, though, picking one of these positive ideas can give a sharper focus for your look and easily pull the event together.

Dress Like the Woman You Want To Be Going Forward

The best inspiration for what to wear to your divorce party is yourself, by a long shot. Picking an outfit for this occasion is more than matching the right dress or pants with the right shoes. This style decision represents the first of many steps you'll take as the mistress of your own destiny.

What does that look like fashion-wise? Now is your time to experiment and decide. Many women find their sense of self erased in marriages. It's easy to bend over backward and change yourself to accommodate a spouse without even realizing what you're doing.

The potentially scary, unmoored feeling following a divorce presents an opportunity to rediscover who you really are. That woman may not be the same woman you were before you got married. Take time to reattune yourself to your inner voice while picking out a divorce party ensemble, and the effort will pay dividends not just style-wise but in all aspects of your life.

Fight the Divorce Stigma by Living Your Best Life

Divorce parties are fun occasions to dress up, eat cake and connect with your closest inner circle of friends who have your back. However, they're a powerful social statement at the same time. Celebrating a divorce in style negates the assumptions that divorces are failures or roadblocks on your life's journey. Accessorizing boldly and crafting a head-to-toe look that's uniquely you fights this persistent stigma.

Shop Hundreds of Runway-Ready Looks To Find What To Wear to Your Divorce Party

Choosing what to wear to your divorce party is the best kind of self-empowerment: the kind that's really fun. At Kate Hewko, we believe in runway-worthy style for anyone, at any age or life stage, all at accessible prices. Browse our bestsellers for party-starting clothing perfect for embarking on the next chapter of your life.


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