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What To Wear With a Sheer Shirt

Wearing a sheer shirt correctly means choosing undergarments that are appropriate to the occasion while providing adequate support and coverage.

What Do I Wear With a Sheer Shirt?

A sheer shirt is an intriguing paradox. Modest yet revealing, it can be sexy and elegant all at once. There are many outdated misconceptions about sheer tops, such as that you can't wear these shirts after a certain age or that they aren't appropriate for formal occasions. The truth is that you can wear a sheer top at any age, for almost any occasion, if you know how to wear it correctly.

3 Pieces To Wear With a Sheer Shirt

There are many types of sheer tops available, and many different ways to wear them. The key to wearing a sheer top correctly is to choose undergarments that are appropriate to the occasion while providing adequate coverage and support.

Color is also important when choosing something to wear under your sheer top. It is traditional to choose an undergarment that is the same color as the top so that it looks like a single piece. However, you can also add visual interest by choosing contrasting colors or go for a daring nude look by choosing undergarments that match your skin tone.

Here are some examples of pieces you can wear under a sheer shirt and guidance on when they might be appropriate.

1. Crop Top or Bralette

A crop top is a sleeved or sleeveless garment that is cut short so that it exposes your stomach. A bralette is sort of a hybrid between a crop top and a bra. If you are dressing for a casual occasion and you are comfortable letting others see your stomach, either is a fun choice to wear underneath a sheer top.

2. High-Waisted Skirt or Pants

Maybe you like the look of a crop top or bralette under your sheer top but aren't comfortable exposing so much of your stomach. If this is the case, you can compromise by pairing the sheer shirt with a skirt or pair of pants that has a high waist. This provides more coverage and support to your abdominal area. Because it doesn't expose quite so much skin, it may be appropriate to wear for semi-formal occasions.

3. Camisole

A camisole covers up most of your torso while leaving your arms and shoulders visible. This is one of the most modest options for wearing a sheer top and the one that is most appropriate for a formal occasion in which showing lots of skin may be frowned upon. In some workplaces, this look may even be acceptable under a business casual dress code, though standards in individual offices may vary.

This is not to say that you can only wear a camisole under a sheer top in a formal or professional setting. This combination is appropriate where other, more revealing outfits may not be, but it wouldn't be out of place at a more casual event. You can dress the sheer-top-with-cami combo up or down with the shoes and accessories you choose.

Find a Sheer Shirt That Makes You Feel Beautiful

The most attractive sheer shirt is one that you can wear with complete confidence. Browse for sheer shirts among our collection of tops.

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