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When To Wear a Long Sleeve Dress

A long sleeve dress can be appropriate any time of year for any occasion. All you need to do is choose the right sleeve shape and material to achieve your...

When Is It Appropriate To Wear a Long Sleeve Dress?

As long as you choose a suitable sleeve style and fabric, any time is appropriate to wear a long sleeve dress. Unique sleeves can be fun, so you shouldn’t ignore these types of dresses if you get the chance. Learn all about different styles and how they may work with your wardrobe.

The Time and Place To Wear a Long Sleeve Dress

People don’t tend to reach for dresses with sleeves, but they are missing out. Most imagine these dresses as bulky, awkward, or specific to cold weather. However, this is seldom true. 

There is a huge variety of sleeve shapes available. To give you a small sampling:

  • Bell sleeves
  • Trumpet sleeves
  • Flounce sleeves
  • Angel sleeves
  • Bishop sleeves

Depending on the material, design, and construction, you can get away with long sleeves in any type of setting. From casual to formal, winter to summer, you can find a long sleeve dress that works for every occasion.

Haute Couture

Big, flouncy, and exaggerated sleeves just feel like high fashion. You can experiment with unusual materials and movement, adding visual interest. Imagine gigantic bishop sleeves of translucent gauze. Steal the show wearing long, trailing angel sleeves with attached tassels.

Incorporating sleeves also gives you a place to arrange carefully placed cut-outs. Removing the shoulders or including a long slit that closes at the wrist can help you show off tantalizing bits of skin. Sleeves also make it easier to support dramatic necklines or low backs.

Casual and Fun

With simple sleeves and fabrics, a long sleeve dress can be casual too. One example is a short jersey dress with simple, fitted sleeves. When the end of the sleeves visually aligns with the hem of the dress, it creates an interesting shape to work with. Tall boots work well with this silhouette.

Cotton and linen are always great choices for hot weather. It's also a good idea to protect your skin from the sun while you're outside. The breathability of these fabrics and a breezy sleeve, like a bell sleeve, keep you cool and comfortable throughout the summer. 

It’s possible to keep your look casual in cold weather, as well. Winter dresses tend to appear more formal. They are constructed with heavy, intense fabrics such as wool or velvet. However, the wrap dress is a magic solution. A wrap dress is a versatile, long sleeve dress that works in a casual or formal atmosphere, depending on how you accessorize. Everyone needs one in their closet.

The Right Long Sleeve Dress for You

Sifting through the massive amount of fast fashion brands can be overwhelming and fruitless. It helps to find a company that fits your style and values quality pieces. It pays to invest in excellent materials and well-constructed garments. You’ll love everything in your wardrobe, and it will last you a long time.

Kate Hewko is a fashion-forward retailer created by women for women. We want you to have fun with your style at every age. We curate a unique selection of pieces for you to choose from, including interesting takes on the long sleeve dress. Visit our website to learn more and inspire your creativity.

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