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Where Am I Going To Wear...

Where Am I Going To Wear THAT?

Been taking in the recent FW19 Fashion Week(s) and realized that even “fashion people” are surprised when their peers really push themselves to dress for an occasion. 

Example:  Celebrities and fans alike donned Rodarte's fanciful frocks to take in the FW19 show this past week.  Not safe bets like jeans and boots and coats.  They went for it.  To the point it became central to Vogue fashion editor Sally Singer’s review:  https://www.vogue.com/fashion-shows/fall-2019-ready-to-wear/rodarte

Don’t get me wrong, the classics always have a place in a woman’s wardrobe.  But that niggling question will inevitably come up while shopping: “where am I going to wear THAT?”. 

Deep down we all know we make the biggest splash when we incorporate colour, texture, glitz and pattern into our wardrobe. 

We know it is the “extra” that lifts our mood, breaks us out of a rut or grants the confidence and energy to show up to an event - or even life.

The effort we put into daring to be noticed, different, shiny, even whimsical, ultimately makes a difference.

And it doesn’t have to be at a fashion show where you strut your stuff.  It can be at work on a casual Friday in a pink and orange dress...

or at a Saturday night dinner party in a sequin frock...

a velvet jumpsuit for drinks with the girls...

an animal print cape for to and from the gym...

or a silver sequin chiffon shirt to a baby shower... 

or a multi-strand necklace of pearls with your navy blue business suit...

Mix.  It.  Up.  

The reward in taking fashion risks is the memory you create.

 **all looks from the Kate Hewko Spring 2019 collection**  #khfashiontribe

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