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Stylist Included: Why Kate Hewko Should be Your Go-To Clothing Brand

Client spotlight! Onanta Forbes' take on the in-store stylist experience at Kate Hewko.

What better way is there to celebrate summer than with a Kate Hewko client photo shoot on trendy 17th Avenue? Have you heard the saying ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’?  That can be said about many things in my life and that includes fashion. Other than the fact that it’s my favourite sport, pastime, and mental health release; the whole point of shopping is to get new and trendy items to widen your options.  There are times I don’t know what my options are and that’s where the Kate Hewko Concept Store and their wonderful stylists come in. 

Personal Stylist Kate Hewko

How many times have you spent a good chunk of your money then wake up the day excited for the fresh pieces you got and then after only a few weeks, you cycle to the same point; I don’t have anything to wear!

Over the years, I have created my own collection of Kate Hewko finds.  During that time, I got to know @christagavel.

Personal Stylist Kate Hewko

She’s a true expert in mixing and matching, picking the right colour, designing and pointing out the perfect fabric for my body shape and the right colours for me.  With her fashion vibe, I am putting together new outfits and choosing the right accessories to make a statement. And, yes, I do like to make a statement.  Christa suggests items I may have never considered but makes the outfit stand out. I see my style evolve in ways I never thought I would embrace each time I visit their downtown Calgary location. Every woman deserves to rock a wardrobe that reflects her personality, individual style, and incredible heart.

The gals at Kate Hewko make me feel at ease and effortlessly stylish in the body I am rocking today and reimaging my personal style and self worth. Not surprisingly, self worth is often linked to body size.  Another great stylist I am inspired by is

Personal Stylist Kate Hewko

She embraces who she is and oozes girl power for all sizes. Miss Sheena expresses herself through a medium of clothes and a true advocate of body positivity. You amaze me!

All this great insight and eye for detail may make you think it comes at a price for helping you get a clear picture of who you are, what inspires you, and what your clothing says about you.  When shopping at Kate Hewko, all of this is part of the fab customer service and the purchase(s) you make. There’s no additional cost. You are going to find one of a kind clothing at an affordable price point – hooray for affordability! You’ll be styled in chic, comfortable ways whether you’re on a commute, sitting at the desk, transitioning from a day look to a night look or just out shopping!

It goes back to you should never equate your personal value or self-worth to a price tag. If it’s something that improves, develops, or advances you, it is worth it – and YOU are worth it.


xx, Onanta

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