Celebrities in Kate Hewko

Celebrity Name: Miley Cyrus

Item: Smoky Cluster Raw Quartz Ring & Clear Cluster Raw Quartz Ring

Where: The Voice Season 13









 Kylie Cantrall in Kate Hewko

Celebrity Name: Kylie Cantrall

Item: Multi Bath Chain Belt

Where: YouTube









Allie X in Kate Hewko

Celebrity Name: Allie X

Item: Half Frame Sunglasses

Where: Instagram @allieX








Celebrity Name: Chandler Kinney

Item: Astrid Choker Necklace

Where: Premier for Lethal Weapon 2016










Celebrity Name: Cyndi Lauper

Items:Quartz Cluster Raw Gemstone Ring

Where: Country Music Hall of Fame Awards









Celebrity Name: Idina Menzel

Item: Agate Ring

Where: World Tour












Celebrity Name: Traci Melchor

Item: Raw Amethyst Ring

Where: E-talk CTV