Healing Properties of our Stones + Crystals

Clear Quartz Crystal

The Master Healer

Clear Quartz revitalizes our mind, body, & spirit connection, while promoting wisdom & higher realms of perception.
Cleanse, clarify, enlighten.
Our go to stone.

Quartz crystal assists us in the healing arts, enhances our growth, provides clarity, guides our meditations, and channels our connection to the spirit world. Quartz crystals are known for their role as protectors. Lending the ability to dispel negativity and transform energy they help to clear our sacred spaces, homes, and auras from negative vibrations. Quartz enhances our spiritual growth by helping to clarify our thoughts and emotions. A stone well known for its ability to inspire creativity and original thought, it also enhances our energy and focuses our intentions.
Harmonize. Amplify. Connect.


Amethyst provides calm, balance, patience, and peace. It is known to bring emotional stability and inner strength to its bearer. Renowned for its ability to prevent destructive and compulsive behaviours, it is worn to assist in sobriety. Amethyst strengthens the immune system, relieves insomnia and promotes lucid dreaming.


Rose Quartz

A loving and gentle stone, Rose Quartz may assist with any issue of ones heart - self love, family love, love for friends, and romantic love. The harmonizing energy of Rose Quartz teaches us compassion while easing tensions and lowering stress. It allows us to be vulnerable and feel safe. With its loving energy we attract and accept unconditional love.
Open your heart to Rose Quartz.
Let the love in.



Known as a 'mighty' stone, Geodes or Geoides are believed to possess remarkable powers. From the Greek word meaning "earth like" these handsome gems mirror the framework of the earth. Geodes empower us to see the bigger picture by lending us earthly insight and widening our perspective.



A stone of harmony, intellect, and protection.

Revered for its ability to rebalance the body, mind, and spirit, Agate works to harmonize ones energy by balancing our yin and yang. A stone of truth, Agate encourages quiet contemplation, self examination, and assists us in our consideration of all aspects of circumstance. By enhancing and sharpening our perceptions we are able to see and speak to the heart of a matter. We find composure and courage, while honouring the collective consciousness, fostering love, and seeing the bigger picture. Agate dispels negative energy, enhances concentration, and ensures longevity, allowing us to the strength and confidence to carry on....
Peace, Love , & Understanding.


Smoky Quartz

Grounded, resourceful, strong willed, ambitious.
A true power stone. This goal getter helps us to prioritize our needs and wants, enhances focus, increases organization, fosters cooperation, and boosts enthusiasm.

Regarded as a very protective stone, Smoky Quartz transmutes negative energy, eliminating worry and doubt, while warding off negative thoughts. In a positive surround we reach for our goals with clarity and strength. Smoky Quartz lends its power as we manifest our innermost dreams and desires. Grounding us firmly on the path to progress, we remain deeply rooted to our passions and personal truths. Survival instincts are sharpened, blockages are removed, and we attune to our inner wisdom and intuition. Known to strengthen ones connection to the higher realms, Smoky Quartz allows us to access the guidance and knowledge gained from raised consciousness.

What are you reaching for?
Dream on dreamer.



Success, Positivity, Manifestation, Generosity.

The radiant energy of Citrine provides warm comfort, energizes our life force, promotes positivity, and focuses our intentions. It's guiding light helps to concentrate our energy while eliminating fears, allowing us to realize our true potential. Revered for its ability to attract abundance, prosperity, and optimism, this golden gem assists us in the spirited manifestation of our goals. Citrine promotes abundance in all areas of life, lending support as we acquire and strive to maintain wealth in all forms. Reminding us to remain humble, Citrine encourages generosity. We are inspired to 'pay it forward' by sharing what we have learned and acquired with others who may be in need of beneficial knowledge and assistance. Gently protective Citrine dispels and clears negative energy. Unlike other stones, Citrine does not require regular cleansing, with it's sun like vibrancy it repels darkness and lends only light to its environment.

The world is what you make it.


Milky Quartz

Possibility, clarity, wisdom, and peace.

Milky Quartz radiates soothing, gentle, and peaceful energy to its surroundings. A soft, quiet, feminine sister to Clear Quartz, she promotes clarity, awareness, and patience. The receptive nature of Milky Quartz encourages introspection and inner awareness. Through mindful contemplation we gain the ability to connect with our higher, more spiritual selves. We soften our outlook, magnify our ambient energy, calm turbulent emotions, and purify our thoughts. In the serenity of inner peace we are able to access universal realms of consciousness while embracing the wisdom of our divine teachers. Peaceful, wise, and attuned, we resolve inner and outer conflict with increased understanding, remain open to new ideas, and welcome honest conversation. The pure and virtuous energy of Milky Quartz opens our heart and eyes to a new way of seeing the world around us. With our vision no longer clouded, we look to the future with new hope, wonder, and endless possibility.

My destination is no longer a place, rather a new way of seeing.
Marcel Proust


Red Jasper

A stone of Endurance, Empowerment, and Fortitude.

Known as the 'Supreme Nurturer' the gentle energy of Red Jasper serves to heal ones mind, body, and soul. Its nourishing vibration supports us in our efforts to overcome difficulties of the past and present. Recognized for its ability to provide insight, composure, and calm, Red Jasper encourages us to step into our power as we establish and set healthy personal boundaries. Returning to a place of comfort, tranquility, and wholeness, we rejoice in peaceful endings...and thrive. A stone of protection and resolve, this ruby hued guardian assists us amidst unfair or unjust situations by fostering fairness and justice. Well known for its watchful ways, Red Jasper was carried close throughout history to guide and protect travellers as they journeyed through the night, believing in its ability to safeguard it's bearers from danger and dark omens. In modern practice, we call upon the energy of Red Jasper to support and sustain us during dark times and unfavourable circumstances. A source of endurance and stamina, Red Jasper strengthens ones energy and enhances physical ability. By providing strong and even vibrations to its surround, we are able to stay focused on what really matters. Unburdened, empowered, and present, we engage in the now and bring a renewed sense of enthusiasm to our life and relationships.

Let go.
You can fly if you want to.