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Cowboy Hat Optional: What To Wear To a Country Concert

Cowboy Hat Optional: What To Wear To a Country Concert Country music is having a huge moment, with tons of high-profile songs and album releases hitting the headlines. Everyone is...

Cowboy Hat Optional: What To Wear To a Country Concert

Country music is having a huge moment, with tons of high-profile songs and album releases hitting the headlines. Everyone is going country, from Post Malone to Lana Del Rey to Queen B herself. If a country concert is in your future this spring or summer, it's never too soon to start outfit planning. Here's your ultimate guide to what to wear to a country concert.

How Can You Decide What To Wear to a Country Concert?

As soon as you combine the words "country" and "concert," a handful of fashion pieces automatically come to mind. Your first ideas for how to dress for a country concert may be denim cutoff shorts, printed bandanas and the ultra-accessory of country music: the cowboy hat. While these are all fine choices, it's possible to branch out with a few less obvious country-and-western-inspired fashion references.

Think Beyond Denim

Denim is excellent and versatile, but there are other fabric choices that can tie into a country music-inspired look. Here are a few textural ideas to play around with:

  • Fringe
  • Leather
  • Cotton poplin
  • Gingham
  • Canvas

Remember that country music draws from many other music influences to make up its signature sound. There's a whole world of things outside the traditional when you're looking for what to wear to a country concert. Rock and blues are built into the foundation of this music and have their own fashion references you can incorporate into your look, too. For example, queer country superstar Orville Peck borrowed from rock n' roll imagery with his stunning fishnet-and-flames three-piece suit.

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Get Inspired by Famous Country Songs

Sometimes going literal can make for a fantastic outfit, as long as you steer clear of the most obvious references. For example, there are a handful of iconic country songs all about specific pieces of clothing.

If you can find a statement patchwork coat, you can show up to a country concert referencing Dolly Parton's uplifting song "Coat of Many Colors." For a more daring look, draw inspiration from Reba Mcentire's famous story song "Fancy." In that song, the protagonist reflects on a "red satin dancing dress with a slit in the side clear up to my hip." That sounds like a serve to us.

Bet on Boots

Choosing footwear for a country concert can be tricky, as you want something stylish that can still withstand the eldritch horrors of a stadium floor. For a country concert, the answer seems clear: a pair of shiny, brand-new cowboy boots!

If you take away only one fashion tip, make it this: Be very careful about wearing a new pair of cowboy boots to any occasion. Cowboys, after all, are not known for walking on foot for hundreds of miles across mountains and plains.

These boots are stiff and unforgiving out of the box. Either make a dedicated effort to break them in with thick socks and a hair dryer or opt for a pair of leather boots already in your wardrobe.

6 Ideas for What To Wear to a Country Concert

Now that you have a few more diverse ideas floating around, here are six outfit ideas to draw from for your country concert looks.

1. Country-Western Shirt Dress

A country-western shirt is a rodeo staple that can easily skew ultra-contemporary with the right styling. It consists of colored panels and intricate designs along the collarbone, with a loose and boxy fit.

If you opt for an oversized country-western shirt, simply add a tooled leather belt to end up with a stunning shirt dress. Add a rhinestone denim bag or a flashy belt buckle to turn up the volume. Complete the look with either a pair of boots or comfy saddle shoes.

2. '70s Glam Bell Bottoms

There's a ton of overlap between the trendy '70s throwback style and country-western imagery. Make big bell bottom jeans your first step and pair them with a top in leather, suede or even just lush '70s mustard and brown tones. Dress up the look with fringe boots and other fun accessories.

3. Ruffle Skirt and Crop Top

Cottagecore fashion — think feminine, ruffled skirts and lacy sundresses — is also a fun choice of what to wear to a country concert. To make this style more visually interesting, try playing with prints and textures instead of going for the most straightforward option. For example, a tulle plaid skirt is a twist on the typical flowy skirt that still reads as country.

4. Daring Denim-on-Denim

All-denim is one of the more obvious fashion choices for a country concert, but there are still dozens of ways to make it interesting. Embellished or destroyed denim can add interesting texture to your look, and for ultimate style points, you can wear both textures at once. Look for ways to introduce interesting colors and shapes into your all-denim look, such as a pair of contrast denim pants in a country-western chap pattern.

5. Classic Ballad Red Dress

If you want to stand out at a concert or any occasion, you can't beat a red dress. This choice stands out even more when neutrals, denim and light fabrics are considered the go-to choices for what to wear to a country concert. To complete the look, consider adding a leather moto jacket or a cropped denim jacket. Go glam with shiny accessories and jewelry for pitch-perfect contrast.

6. Folk-Core Long Duster Jacket

Folk is a huge part of country music, so you can also channel your inner Stevie Nicks with a glamorous long duster jacket. Plenty of flowing layers and texture make a great duster the focal point of a concert look. Add knee-high boots for a complete and cohesive '70s throwback.

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Shop Standout Fashion To Find More Inspiration for What To Wear to a Country Concert

A concert is the perfect occasion to play with more diverse fashion influences and have fun with your personal style. It's a casual occasion with plenty of room for standout fashion choices. At Kate Hewko, we have all the runway-worthy pieces you crave at affordable prices. Shop our collection to find what to wear to a country concert and any other event on your calendar.

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