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Guide to Layering Belts

Many people overlook the belt as an essential accessory. Belts can do much more than hold up your trousers. Bring your style to the next level by adding a belt...

Everything You Need To Know About Layering Belts

Many people overlook the belt as an essential accessory. Belts can do much more than hold up your trousers. Bring your style to the next level by adding a belt or two or even layering belts.


Start Small When Layering Belts

If you’re new to this fashion technique, don’t feel the need to grab 10 on your first go. You can start small with simple outfits. The practice of layering belts refers to using more than one belt together or putting belts in unexpected places. See how you feel using one small belt, and add more and bigger belts as you feel comfortable.


Discover Ways To Use Layering Belts

You can layer belts over just about anything. It helps to determine the purpose of the belt before putting together your outfit. Belts can perform several distinctive functions:

  • Breaking up your outfit into zones
  • Giving your body more shape
  • Defining your waist
  • Adding color and texture

Once you know what you want the belt to do, it is easier to choose which kind works best. You can put belts over formless dresses, bodycon dresses, suit jackets, oversized shirts, jumpsuits, or anything else in your wardrobe. The sky is the limit. 

For example, make that white, oversized button-down into fashion by putting a cute belt over it at your waist. You could also try breaking up the monotony of a jumpsuit with a thick, bold belt.


Work With Color and Texture

Sometimes your outfit needs a little something extra, but you don’t want to add more clothing pieces. This is where layering belts shine. They can add a pop of color or texture to any look as a perfect finishing touch. 

Remember to consult with color theory to optimize your style. You can go with different shades of the same color or complementary colors. You’ll need a lot of belts at your disposal to give yourself more options.

You can also keep the belt the same color as the layer underneath but in a different texture. For example, spruce up your favorite little black dress with a black snakeskin belt. Don’t forget about suede, velvet, rope, patent leather, and many other textures that exist in the world of belts.


Treat Layering Belts as Jewelry

Thinking of belts as waist jewelry can help you imagine more creative ways to wear them. This is especially true when using gold or silver metallic belts. Thin chainlink belts can drape your waist beautifully. Choose metal belts with a tail or dangling charms for even more flair. If you layer them together, you may even exude an enchanting tinkling sound as you walk past.


Find Your Source for Layering Belts

Considering how valuable belts are for adding style to your wardrobe, you can never have too many. You can always turn to a good belt when you’re struggling to pull yourself together. Try to maintain wardrobe options in different colors, thicknesses, textures, and materials. 

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