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Unique Women's Clothing

Do you want to find unique women's clothing that shows off your sense of style? Here are tips to help you achieve your goal.

Unique Women’s Clothing That Shows You Have a Sense of Style


The women’s apparel industry amounts to more than $700 billion worldwide. Yet if you head to most department stores, you’ll see that most of the popular clothing styles are pretty predictable and maybe even a bit boring. If you’re the type of person who likes to stand out instead of blending in, you’re looking for fashion that’s more personally expressive.

Fortunately, you don’t have to settle for boring or predictable when it comes to your wardrobe. Here are some unique women's clothing ideas to inspire you to show your sense of style.

Tips for Finding Unique Women’s Clothing

There are a lot of uniquely designed clothing pieces for women if you know where to look. Folllow these tips to find unusual styles and patterns you can draw on to create your unique, customized wardrobe.

Remember That Symmetrical Isn’t Always Best

Most pieces of attire are made to be as symmetrical as possible. This is because symmetry imparts a feeling of comfort and safety. When it comes to unique women’s clothing, though, look for what breaks the norm. Wearing items with asymmetrical patterns or hemlines will definitely help you stand out. Asymmetry questions the status quo and gives you an exotic appeal.


Blend Unusual Styles and Fabrics

If your goal is to show your unique sense of style, a great way to achieve it is by blending unusual styles and fabrics that aren’t normally seen together. For example, a cargo vest with a touch of lace and fringe can become an unusual statement piece that demands attention. Likewise, a moto jacket with tiered tulle sleeves combines both casual and sophisticated elements in an unexpected way.


Go for Color

Many people choose to be safe with their wardrobes and wear mostly neutral colors. If you want to dress in unique women’s clothing, go for bold colors and patterns. Think ruby red, cobalt blue, tangerine orange and royal purple. These are the types of colors that will help you look bold and beautiful wherever you go.


Embrace the Drapes

Loose, drapey clothing is a hallmark of good style. When choosing flowing clothing, look for unique patterns and stylistic elements that add visual interest to the piece. For example, a distressed knit sweater with an irregular hem is going to set you apart better than a straight-hemmed oversized sweater that you can find in any nearby department store. Wearing drapey kimonos and other layering pieces is a great way to achieve that loose, flowy look.


Shop for Unique Women’s Clothing

If your goal is to find unique apparel, there’s no better place to look than at Kate Hewko. We have an impressive variety of stylish sweaters, skirts, hoodies and more. Our primary goal is to help you look and feel your best without worrying about running into someone at the mall who’s wearing the same outfit. If unique style is the name of the game, we’ve got it down to an art.

Take a look at our new selection of impeccably styled pieces today. You’re certain to find unique women's clothing that’s as original as you are.


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