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Womens Holiday Wear

Are you looking for womens holiday wear? Find out more about how to style the latest trends and to add sparkle to your outfits this winter.

How To Style Womens Holiday Wear This Season

With the holidays around the corner, you may try rearranging your closet for your warmer, more festive gear. Each is a reason to focus on your style and continue to grow into the version of yourself that you want to be. Style has no limits and no age. If you want to stand out at every holiday get-together or even during the holiday shopping rush, we have you covered on how to style womens holiday wear.

Top Types of Womens Holiday Wear

There are no rules on what pieces to mix and match for your winter apparel. However, some classic pieces will set you apart from the rest.

Winter Outwear

Start with the outerwear. As the holidays roll in, so does the colder weather. While your style is important, so is your ability to stay warm when outdoors. Outerwear can also make a statement and leave people's eyes on you when you walk through the door.

Faux Fur

This holiday season, you are bound to see a lot of jackets made with faux fur. Of all the different materials you could have a coat made out of, faux fur is the most reminiscent of the holidays and wintertime. Faux fur can come in various color schemes, but the one thing that remains the same for all pieces is that it always looks cozy and warm.


Puffer Jackets

Puffer jackets will be a staple this holiday season. One of the top reasons people choose puffer jackets is because they provide unrivaled warmth without being heavy. The jackets can keep you warm in low temperatures but do not weigh you down. Additionally, the puffer makes a big statement. The cut and oversized silhouette make it a statement garment.


Long Coats

Prepare to see more long coats this holiday season. If you're looking for a warm, statement jacket to add to your womens holiday wear, do not sleep on the long coat. Long jackets elongate your body and can make you look taller while flattering your silhouette. Additionally, the long coat can seal in warmth over most of your body. 



Once you pick your outwear, it's time to look at the different outfit possibilities. Holiday dresses make the wearer feel feminine and beautiful. At Kate Hewko, we have a variety of dresses to fit every occasion and to make women of all styles feel comfortable and stunning.

Petal Sleeves

Petal sleeves do not refer to the overall shape of the dress. Different petal sleeve dresses can come in different styles, colors and fabrics. The main feature of a petal sleeve dress is the petal detailing on the sleeves. The dress offers a gentle statement that you can dress down with minimal jewelry or add more sparkle to the overall outfit.


Tulle Dresses

Tulle is a staple in formal and holiday wear. Tulle is a lightweight fabric that adds volume to the skirt. A tulle dress will make you feel like a princess at every holiday party you attend. You can dress down tulle for the office or dress it up for a formal holiday party. When you wear tulle, you may feel light and ethereal.


Batwing Glam Dresses

Batwing dresses make a subtle statement and add more glamor to the dress. Batwing cuts create a more exaggerated sleeve, whereas the rest of the dress comes in different cuts and styles. Glam dresses add the extra sparkle necessary to greet the holidays. The batwing sleeves make the outfit look breezy and help it stand out against other pieces.



Learn the different tops you'll see more in womens holiday wear this season. While it can be fun to dress up in different dresses, you also need practical tops that look good at any event and keep you comfortable.

Oversized Sweatshirts

Oversized clothes are back in style. The oversized sweatshirt is both practical and fashionable. On the one hand, oversized sweaters keep your body warm, but on the other, they look cozy and comfortable. Oversized sweaters can also be styled with just about anything. Most often, however, you may want to pair the oversized sweater with a pair of snug jeans or leggings.



Knitwear is a holiday staple. You can make it work for any style, from knitwear with a bit of added sparkle to distressed pieces. To create a slim silhouette with knitwear, stick to thinner knits. Longer tops can elongate the body. However, shorter tops also make a statement. Cropped sweaters and jackets are on trend this year, along with oversized, long tops.



Your bottoms serve multiple purposes. Comfort should always be the priority. Wear bottoms that feel good and that give you a confidence boost. When choosing the suitable base for an outfit, think about your goals for the top. If you have a more glamorous, statement top, select trousers or skirts that are more understated, so you do not take away from your womens holiday wear glam moment.

Leather Skirts

Leather is fashionable and flattering on every body type. Leather skirts come in various shapes to flatter every person and suit every person's style. You can celebrate the holidays in pleated or pencil skirts, as long as they match the top. You can check various colors and statement tops with simple black leather.


Leather Pants

Leather has always carried a rebellious edge to it. However, it also tends to look expensive and upscale. For formal parties and other exclusive events, consider leather trousers that add the right amount of shine without taking away from the rest of the outfit. Leather pants can make the outfit or serve as a base for holiday colors.


Wide-Leg Trousers

Wide-leg trousers fit in with the relaxed and long silhouettes that will be popular in the upcoming season. A wide-leg trouser can be paired with a blazer or a flowing top. Think about the cut of the trouser. When choosing wide-leg trousers, remember that you want to elongate your body but do not want the pants to drag the floor. You can wear wide-leg trousers over sneakers, chunky heels and boots.


Find Your Womens Holiday Wear Style

Every woman has a unique style. As the holidays roll in, most people think about the coziness, warmth and shine of holiday decor. The holidays are a fantastic time to stand out with your outfits and to dress in clothes that make you feel glamorous, festive and comfortable. At Kate Hewko, we provide fashionable, unique apparel for every season and occasion. Check out our listings to boost your holiday looks this year.

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